Helen Li

Helen Li is the founder and producer of
Fresh Off the Vote. An Asian American from Richmond, Virginia, she graduated Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 2019.


She is a lover of solo travel and mangoes. She is currently learning Kathak, one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance.

Helen is currently writing a book, “What is the Worth of a Teacher?”, a combination of memoir, photos, and stories about the most praised yet neglected Heroes in our lives. She also facilitates an online seminar focusing on the politics within the Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra series. If you are interested in either of these topics, send her an email at


Alex I.

Alex is a 22-year old Nisei Japanese-American. He was raised in Cleveland (go Cavs!) and is a proud Midwesterner repping Columbus, Detroit, and soon, Chicago.


Contemporary violinist and passionate sneakerhead, Alex thinks often about how progressive policy can be enacted within institutions.


Alex is interested in the intersection of politics, culture, and business. Through FOTV, he hopes to develop audio chops while helping AAPIs form a better sorted political consciousness. He is a huge stan of Ezra Klein and Lil Uzi Vert.


Amy Luo

A Chinese American from Columbus, Ohio, Amy is a recent graduate of Northwestern University and is excited to now call Chicago home.


After studying Asian American Studies in school, Amy was introduced to the rich history and persistent struggle of Asian Americans in the United States. She was inspired to not only learn more, but take action, whether it be through civic engagement or even just having raw conversations (Fresh of the Vote does both!). In joining the team, she hopes to spread awareness on the ways that Asian Americans, as individuals and as a community, can continue to shape our nation’s politics and our future.


In her free time, Amy is a total music junkie – you can catch her curating playlists on Spotify, going to tons of concerts (formerly), or trying to discover new artists. You also might find her running or doing some yoga, with headphones in, of course!


Angela Zhang

A lifelong Buckeye, Angela was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, later attending
THE Ohio State University.


Although Angela always valued discussion about her Asian-American identity, she had always preferred a more hands-off approach in engaging in politics. The country’s recent social unrest following the COVID outbreak and a heated discussion with her parents about where we should be centering our political efforts allowed her to come to terms with two things: 1) influencing real community change starts with civic engagement, and 2) a growing frustration of just how dry the formalities of policy and government can be.


By joining the Fresh Off The Vote’s marketing team she hopes to break down the formality into digestible information to encourage others that it’s never too late to brush up on politics. 


In her free time, Angela enjoys binging Youtube video essays about film and television. Recently, she has been learning the art of making the perfect batch of ice cream.


Ava Cheng

Ava is Chinese American and native to Southern California. She recently graduated with her Master’s Degree in landscape architecture. She feels perpetually hopeful and frustrated by urban/city planning as offering environmental solutions while also dealing with how design of cities and public spaces continue to divide people. She joined the #FOTV team to help with visual storytelling.


Emmy Li

Emmy is an Asian American born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She is a current high school senior at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School. In her free time, she loves to catch up on current events and discuss the political atmosphere in the U.S. Even though Emmy can’t vote yet (she’s 17), she’s still super excited to join the FOTV team and advance her knowledge of AAPI civic engagement and help reach other voters in the AAPI community and beyond. 


Emmy is also a sports fanatic. Basketball, soccer, football, or swimming - you name it - she watches it! In addition, her mission by the end of August is to memorize all the flags around the world. Currently her favorite flags include Equatorial Guinea and Bhutan. When she’s not memorizing flags, you can find her binging Netflix and eating mangoes!


Grace Ouyang

Grace is a first generation Chinese American raised in NYC. So when a white male election worker passed her a Korean bilingual ballot on New York’s Election Day, she pondered the big questions - “wtf is wrong with America? And how do I fix it?”

In pursuit of answers, she graduated from the City University of New York in 2018 after interning with the New York State Senate District 28. She was the only non-white person in the office.


In her free time, she thinks about Chinese poetry and what makes rap music good. She dreams about meeting AOC on the subway. 


Jessica Yeung

For 26 years, Jessica snoozed in the backseat while the country was driven around by competent hands. #45’s presidential victory violently awakened her REM sleep. On the day after the 2016 election, she was alarmed, disoriented, and nauseated. 


Jessica hadn’t been raised to be politically active. Suddenly attending protests, expanding her media digest, and analyzing the barrage of information was completely unfamiliar territory. And, WOW, were some of these topics tedious. Trudging through it, she realized politics and government dictated so much minutiae in life, especially at the local level. But, she believes there must be a better way to communicate her learnings to people.


She hopes this project can pierce through the noise. To those who are curiously circling the outside of civic engagement, she invites them to dive on in!


Aside from politics, Jessica’s interests include pop culture, potatoes (of the fried variety), and performing shower karaoke.


Kaitlyn Ohara

Kaitlyn is a Bay Area born and raised Chinese-Japanese American trying to figure out life just like everyone else. Being politically engaged and informed are not as easy as staying up to date on her favorite TV shows, Great British Bake Off and Supergirl. The drive of the BLM protests and outcry for change inspired her to get more involved and connect with others. Kaitlyn hopes to creatively help others digest AAPI political and social topics, including public and mental health issues.


Swathi Vudatala

Swathi is an Indian American from Columbus, OH and a junior at THE Ohio State University. She’s studying Economics and Public Policy Analysis, and hopes to work in healthcare consulting after graduation. Long term, she wants to reform the U.S. healthcare system by entering the policy space. 


Swathi loves to cook, try new foods, and sing on her A Cappella team! Born and raised in Columbus, OH, she’s excited to get back to traveling the world once the pandemic ends.


She’s passionate about better navigating the political landscape with fellow Asian Americans and understanding how young professionals can equip themselves to be well engaged in politics. Her part-time work at the Ohio Senate gives her an interesting perspective on government that she hopes to leverage with the FOTV team.


You. Me. November 3, 2020.

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