TL;DR you have 1 job. Get that ballot in the mail BEFORE November 3rd, 2020. Or else get your a** to the poll booth on or before then. 


FRESH OFF THE VOTE is a grassroots podcast on a mission to make politics fun. Our team is 100% self identified Asian American Pacific Islander youth ready to make waves for the November 2020 election. We created the podcast as a home for conversations on the different key issues of the election and to discuss voter engagement strategies for AAPIs by AAPIs. 


Why us? Why now? Because we’ve seen enough negative stereotypes about young people. 


We care about our world. Including what happens in the White House all the way to our local city and state governments. Immigration policies, education opportunities, and our local bus drivers’ schedules matter. 


The truth is, voting is a chance to bring positive change - no strings attached. So don’t throw that chance away on November 3rd. 


Everyone is counting on you to show up.


Yeah, we get it. Voting sucks if it means waiting in line at the poll booth with Grandma Meredith and the Karens. As if getting middle school flashbacks in the public school gymnasiums wasn’t bad enough. No, thank you. 


But 2020 turned out to be wild, as we already know. We'll be voting in our pajamas given instructions from the government. That’s like trusting our future with Internet Explorer - super outdated and weird. There’s no doubt a hot mess will go down on November 3rd.


That’s why a bunch of random Asians hopped on a shaky Zoom call - to make sure our generation has its shit together weeks ahead of November 3rd. 


Unlike your white-dude-eighth-grade-U.S.-history teacher, we’re actually relatable. We’re connecting with the academic experts so you get their side of the story. Politics is about personal and family history too. It can unite or divide us. But the important thing is we keep the conversation real. On Instagram, we’ll give you tl;drs on hot news in the AAPI world and break down the voting process along the way.


We’d love for you to tune in while playing Animal Crossing and before your virtual date. Thank us later when you score a second date on CMB by breaking the ice with the in’s and out’s of your local Election board’s absentee ballot policies.


Our story is 50% coming to terms with what the f*** is going on with the quarantined world in 2020 and 50% doing things now to get the future right.


We believe Asian unity and open dialogue are 100% key. 


Let’s make our November 4th selves proud. 


We’re ready to take democracy into our capable, well-sanitized hands. 


Are you?