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EP 15  |  OCTOBER 19, 2020

Rise & Shine, Hot Planet Coming Through

In the latest VP debate, Pence admitted the climate is changing without addressing the urgency of the climate crisis we are living in. This episode is a Green New Deal 101 featuring candidates working at the state, city, and ground level to bring attention to our politicians on the climate crisis. 

Michelle Wu (running for Boston mayor), Alex Lee (running for California Assembly District 25), Megan Nguyen (Sunrise Movement Bay Area Hub Leader), and a friend of the podcast, Leslie Chang (consultant at Planet Earth Observatory) join #FOTV for what the Green New Deal could look like at different levels of our government, but also how to approach the solution in an equitable way that considers all communities.

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EP 14  | OCTOBER 12, 2020

Beyond The Field &
Off The Court

In this episode, #FOTV hosts Emmy and Kenna interview two Asian American athletes on how race and culture come to play in sports. Camryn Hamaguchi is a Japanese-American two-sport athlete in basketball and track & field at Chapman University in California. She is also Head Coach at Ironmen Basketball Club Program and Assistant Girls Varsity Coach at Kennedy High School. Jojo McIntosh is a mixed-race Black and Cambodian-American football player and a University of Washington Huskies alum. 

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EP 13  |  OCTOBER 5, 2020

Breaking (Fake) News!

Have you and your parents ever had an argument about something they read on WeChat? What about WhatsApp? In this episode, Shawna (The Yappie) and #FOTV's Helen dive into these two ethnic media platforms to discuss misinformation and why it’s important to understand it in the context of election integrity. What exactly is “misinformation” and what is being done about it? With our guests from The WeChat Project, we look at a case study of second-generation Asian Americans combating misinformation about Black Lives Matter, racism, and affirmative action. They remind us of the traumas many immigrant parents face and offer tips on how to engage in productive dialogue—that avoid misinformation—on social media.


We’re a bunch of random Asians on a shaky Zoom call predicting how a hot mess will go down on November 3rd. 


2020 turned out to be wild. We'll be voting in our pajamas given instructions from the government.


That’s like handing our future over to Internet Explorer - super outdated and weird. 

Unlike your white-dude-eighth-grade-U.S.-history teacher, we’re actually relatable. We’re connecting with the academic experts so you get their side of the story. Politics is about personal and family history too. It can unite or divide us. But the important thing is we keep the conversation real. On Instagram, we’ll give you tl;drs on hot news in the AAPI world and break down the voting process along the way.


We’d love for you to tune in while playing Animal Crossing and before your virtual date. 


You can thank us later when you score a second date on CMB by breaking the ice with the in’s and out’s of your local Election board’s absentee ballot policies.

"When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something."



You. Me. November 3, 2020.

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